Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What Aviation is All About

Ever since I started learning to fly planes when I was thirteen, I had imagined how fun aviation could be with friends.  I had always hoped that once I did get my certificate, my high school friends would want to come along on various adventures across the state.  Unfortunately that never happened.  Though many offers were given, and I had prior permission from parents.  NONE of my friends ever came flying with me.

Fast forward ten years, and I finally have cool friends to flying with.  Although with a weird twist of fate, I'm no longer the pilot.  I'm the ride-along photographer, enjoying every second of the beautiful scenery that passes beneath.

Sunday, January 13th was a childhood dream come true.  It was everything I always hoped aviation would be, someday.  Five fellow pilots and their respective aircraft along with about eight photographers met up at Paine Field that noon and put together a plan for a formation flight over the beautiful snow-covered Cascade Mountains.

The plan was simple.  First of all we organized which pilot was flying what position and established safety procedures and communication frequencies.  Then the plan was to simply head east following Highway 2 up to Skykomish, and follow the canyon to the left, which creates a nice comfortable loop, easy to negotiate even with four aircraft off our wing. 

We ended up getting nearly two-hours of formation time in.  It was absolutely gorgeous, as the photos and videos will show, and was a really great experience for all involved.

This, to me, is what general aviation is all about.  Enjoy:


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