Saturday, August 16, 2008

McChord AFB Air Expo 2008 - Saturday and Sunday

The airshow proved to be another world class event. The organizers put on a fantastic airshow featuring a wide diversity of acts and everything semed to flow very smoothly.
Here are some pics from the actual airshow:
Team McChord. McChord AFB is home to two squadrons of C-17 Globemaster III's
This C-17 just emerges from the low clouds on Saturdays airshow

The B-2 Spirit only flew by on Saturday

Tora! Tora! Tora! taxis out to the runway to begin their 20 minute show.
The sky was full of these amazing warbirds, smoke, and giant fireballs as the airplanes simulated the attack on Pearl Harbor.
The F-18F Super Hornet pulls sharply into the vertical
Rhino high speed pass.
The F-15 creating some beautiful vapor as it climbs into the moist air.
F-15C Eagle

The Thunderbirds Diamond climbs high into the sky.
Knife Edge Pass
Thunderbird Six in full afterburner.

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