Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sweet Sound of Warbirds

What's better than the sweet sound of airplanes?  The sweet sound of Warbirds!  I have started an account over at where I will continue to add sound files of the various WWII aircraft that frequent Paine Field.  My page is  and you may download and enjoy these various aircraft sound files.  At the time of writing this I only have seven that are "live" but have about ten more waiting for moderation before becoming "live." 

One of the most difficult things about video is capturing decent audio.  As much as I like hanging out with my friends and fellow photographers, the constant chatter of shutters becomes quite apparent when listening to the audio.  With the windscreen I have on my camera right now, I am able to cut down quite a bit on chatter and shutters, and completely eliminates wind noises, so that has helped a great deal in the last couple of months.  Now the search for next Summer is to find places that provide an appealing view, but also separate myself from the noise of other people.

Those problems aside, I hope you enjoy the growing collection of aircraft sound effects!!



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The Aerodrome said...

Great picture, I mistook it for an actual WWII era photograph until I saw the signature in the bottom right.