Sunday, September 9, 2007

Finally, I get to do what I want!

I'll be turning 24 this coming Friday and all I have ever wanted to do since I could speak was to fly upside down, and every which way possible... that is, every way but straight and level. The last few years have slowly worn me down as I was beginning to think this would never be possible. I've searched high and low to try and find a place that teaches aerobatics and have had no success. At least that would not require moving.

As an act of Divine Intervention this last week I discovered that there is a fellow who flys out of Paine Field (where I work) who recently started his own aerobatic flight school, Northwest Aerobatics. Last thursday I got a copy of his syllabus, and have since communicated with the instructor about starting training ASAP.

FINALLY! We're going to meet on Monday to answer some more of my questions and figure out when to start my training. Hopefully it will begin either later this week or early next week. He has an 8 flight syllabus in his Decathlon which will walk me through all of the basic aerobatic maneuvers including aileron rolls, loops, hammerheads, spins, hesitation rolls and cuban-8's among a few others.

My dream has finally come true! All I ever wanted is a chance to prove my mettle and show that I really do have what it takes to be an airshow pilot.

I'll finally be flying airplanes in the way they're truly meant to fly... FREELY! No restraints. I'll be able to fly upside down, loop, and do whatever the airplane can take.

My long term goal is to start competing in aerobatics to build my skills and confidence that will allow me to one day fly at airshows in order to inspire others.

So, screw the boredom of flying straight and level, using autopilot and those whimpy 45 degree banked "steep" turns!!!

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